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Why do we offer monthly installments? When we first started creating our online business (Change) we were all working normal jobs for average pay. We joined a system that also had a monthly installment plan which allowed us to upgrade and learn more. So it's only right for us to do the same for you as we have been in your position before.

Premium+ Installment plan:

First month - £ 225

Second month - £ 225 + Monthly fee


VIP Installment plan:

First month £ 450

Second month £ 450 + Monthly fee

Third month £ 450 + Monthly fee

Fourth month £ 450 + Monthly fee


Inner Circle Installment plan:

First month £ 600

Second month £ 600 + Monthly fee

Third month £ 600 + Monthly fee

Fourth month £ 600 + Monthly fee


To maintain your membership - Monthly fee £70


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