COOL... 😎

At Change, our favourite word is ‘cool’.

Honestly, over our 8 year journey we’ve had set backs, failures, delays, weeks worth of work gone in the click of a button or the crash of a computer.

Times like these you feel like throwing your phone at the wall, maybe pulling out a few strands of hair.


Just say, cool.

If things are going bad, or aren’t going to plan, there will ALWAYS be good that comes out of it.

Something got cancelled? cool. We can focus on the next thing.

Didn’t get the latest gadgets? Cool. Just saved a chunk of money we can direct elsewhere.

Didn’t move up outside of work? Cool. More time to get better.

A task isn’t going the way we want? cool. More time to go out, do more research and get more experience.

Unexpected problems? cool. We have an opportunity to figure out a solution, and learn from it.

When things aren’t going to plan, when something gets in the way of progress, DON’T let it demotivate you. Just look at the issue, and say cool.

Dwelling on a problem isn’t going to fix it. Accept the SITUATION, and focus your energy on a SOLUTION.

Take the problem and use it to create something better!


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