Stick to a routine

A routine will help you in so many ways. If you can stay disciplined, stick to a routine, follow a plan, you can’t fail.

Disorganisation, doing things here and there, is setting yourself up for a failure or a setback!

Plan everything. Have a set time for going to sleep and waking up, have a meal plan, a workout plan. These don't have to be extensive. A few push ups in the morning and a decent breakfast. Just make sure you’re doing it!

Plans allow for a structured and productive day, not only that but you will feel like you’ve EARNED that time to chill in the evenings.

Its will also greatly improve your quality of work. Name something that was done without a plan? You can’t. If you have no basis to work from, how are you going to work?

You wont.

Once you have a good routine, over time you will find it hard to break. This is good! A hard to break steady routine of constant progress?

Sign us up.

Its easily do-able, its entirely down to you. Be disciplined with your time, plan what you are going to do, get a routine going. Every successful person had a plan!

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t just turn up at the gym one day and start lifting random weights. He didn’t just eat any old thing because he was hungry and it was there,

He came up with a plan, he stuck to a routine, he put the work in. He succeeded.

Now it's your turn.


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