Taking Risks

Everything you do is a risk! You take more risks in daily life than you pay attention to.

Driving from A to B? Risk of an accident

Cooking at home? Risk of a burn.

Going on holiday? Plane might have a fault, luggage might get lost, maybe a worldwide pandemic?

Flicked the hairdryer on with wet hands? We’ve all done it. Risk!

Taking risks in business ultimately lead to growth, increased profits, and gaining knowledge.

If you aren’t going to take a step forward, you’re going to end up standing still.

So what if that next step is a risk? If you don’t take it you’ll be in the same place.

No successful person got to where they are by playing it safe. Safe is steady, but it isn’t elevating them to where they truly want to be.

A famous example being Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa himself.

With no money to pay rent and a baby on the way, he managed to write the screenplay for rocky in less than 4 days.

Producers, loving the idea offered him big money for it. But Stallone, as poor as he was, refused every offer unless he could play the role of Rocky.

Although this was a big risk, the producers could of said no, the film might have flopped, he took that risk and it catapulted him to fame, and pulled in millions at the box-office.

So step out of your comfort zone, take that step forward, and take that risk!


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