Working In a Traditional High Street Business VS Working For Yourself Online.

There is no comparison between the two. Unless you are the owner of a high street store then you are never going to reap the full rewards for the time and energy you have expended. For 8-12 hours a day you’re chasing a measly hourly rate. Even jobs that pay £10+ an hour, is the time you spend and the bullshit you have to deal with really worth it? Is that really all you’re worth? A few quid an hour?

Is this what your life was supposed to be? Working everyday for a boss that doesn’t know your name, in a job that at the end of it all will have never paid enough?

Whatever sector you work in there’s shit that comes with the job. Be it disgruntled customers or colleagues, the jobsworth supervisor or the boss you can’t stand. In the online world you’re free from all of this.

The only time you have to deal with customers, is when they’re giving you money! Even then it is all done over a screen. Your colleagues are now your friends and family, as they’re now the people you see at ‘work’ everyday. There is no supervisor breathing down your neck and YOU are your own boss.

One of the best parts about working online is that you can grab your morning alarm, you know the one that’s been waking you up at 6am for the past how many years?

And throw it, at the fucking wall.

You don’t have to worry about being late! What’re you going to do? Have a sit down with yourself in a disciplinary meeting and dock your own pay? No! When you can roll out of bed at 10am, brush your teeth and take a shit without rushing, make some breakfast and drink a coffee on YOUR own terms you will realise, you’ve been mugged off all along.

The sense of freedom and relief is like a weight being lifted off of your shoulders. That alarm clock, the 9-5 schedule, he daily commutes to and from work, all of these things are chains that keep you in a certain place. Break those chains and reach your full potential! Live the life you want.

In times of economic crisis the online world flourishes. You don’t have to worry about redundancy or being fired, when the shops shut down the internet stays open! If something is going wrong in your country you can always advertise and sell your products/services in another.

The only daily grind you should be doing is for yourself and nobody else. The sooner you realise this the better off you will be!


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